Introducing the Electrolyzor™.
The most advanced Hydrogen On-Demand Fuel Systems available anywhere. Period.

Global Hydrogen Technologies, Inc.

Global Hydrogen Technologies' mission is to help reduce the worldwide dependency on fossil fuels by increasing fuel efficiency, while considerably reducing the harmful emissions that are released into the environment. Our technology program is directed by a former NASA Space Shuttle Master Technician with over 20 years experience in the Science of Hydrogen.

His experience with NASA and the Aviation Industry has allowed GHT to design and manufacture Hydrogen On-Demand supplemental fuel systems for literally any combustion engine produced throughout the world.

GHT focuses primarily on diesel powered engine applications varying from small 4 cylinder engines to huge 20 cylinder power plants.

Product Line
The most advanced Hydrogen On-Demand fuel cells available today.

Our innovative design and proprietary cell technology has won awards and many important strategic partners and customers. The latest patent pending design line of the Electrolyzor™ devices are the most efficient and durable products in this new and important energy market application. Our proven designs are known for durability, simplicity, and modularity.


The Global Hydrogen Moleculizor series of products are Fuel Enhancers which work by electrostatically charging the fuel using an inline system. It works with Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Biofuels, Ethanol Blends, and Natural Gas.

On average, the device provides a 10% savings in fuel consumption. It is installed inline using an installation kit that matches the vehicle's fuel fittings. Your mechanic can usually install it in a few minutes. The device has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and reduce regulated emissions with gasoline, diesel, propane, and others.

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